2021 Leiper's Fork Christmas Parade


Date:     December 11, 2021

Time:     Begins at 2pm. Please arrive early as there

is only ONE road thru the village and it will

be closed at 1:50pm.

    Parade Route: click here for map


If you plan to enter the Leiper's Fork Christmas Parade,

it's time to get started building your float!


     Parade RULES: 

  • Do NOT throw Confetti!!!
  • DO NOT throw CANDY! You may PASS OUT candy but DO NOT THROW IT!
  • The staging area is located at the corner of Old Hillsboro Road and Southall Road.
  • ALL entries MUST be in staging area at 12:30pm
  • ALL entries MUST know their entry # before entering into the staging area.
  • Once you pull into the staging area, please go directly to your numeric group.  
    • All entries will go into the lineup PAST the numeric group they are in.
    • Example, if you are entry 5, you will go PAST the sign numbered 1-10 and then turn into that line
  • We ask that large groups i.e., Cub Scouts, 4H, Bands, PLEASE carpool.  
    • Our lot is mainly for entries and once in the staging area,
    • There is NO exit until parade ends
  • All Horse groups will be entered at the end of the parade AFTER Santa!
  • The Parade Route runs from the BIG field on the west side of Old Hillsboro Road, to Joseph Street, thru the Rec Center parking lot, left to the entrance into smaller field.  (see Route Map)
  • ENTRIES: The wackier & funnier your entry, the better!!  We appreciate creativity!!


There is only one Santa allowed in our Parade!!

Please do not dress up as Santa for a parade entry.

We contacted Santa and he said he wouldn't miss the Leiper's Fork Christmas Parade!





Click HERE or on each photo to see all the parade photos


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