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2019 Leiper's Fork Christmas Parade photo of 2 dogs  by Lavana Deal Photographer20191213_2019_SM_Lavana_Deal_Leiper's_Fork_Christmas_Parade_138

     2023 Leiper's Fork Christmas Parade    

Date: December 09, 2023

Time: Begins at 2pm. Please arrive early as there is only ONE road thru the village and it will be closed at 1:50pm.


If you plan to enter the Leiper's Fork Christmas Parade,


it's time to get started building your float!

 Parade RULES & Entry Form: 


 Click Here for 2023 Parade Entry Form


Parade RULES 

•    Parade Entrants MUST Register – This helps the organizers know how many participants there will be and create the lineup in advance.   Anyone wanting to participate in the Leiper’s Fork Christmas Parade should fill out the submission form which can be found on the Leiper’s Fork Country Parade Web page...  https://www.leipersforkcountry.com/leipers-fork-christmas-parade

•    Entries will only be accepted until Dec. 2nd, 2023.  Entries will be notified by email for parade entry approval, staging area and lineup number.

•    Parade formation will begin in the big field at the corner of Southall and Old Hillsboro Road.  Participants should enter the middle gates.

•    Only parade vehicles and horse trailers will be allowed in through this entrance.  Parade entries MUST arrive between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Walkers and riders must be dropped off and walk to the formation area.

•    No Political Campaigning of any kind may be conducted during the parade or as part of any float, car, marching group, etc….

•    No entry in the parade shall wear, or display any costume, flag, sign, banner standard or insignia, which in the sole discretion of the Parade Committee is judged to be offensive according to community standards recognized by said committee.

•    Disorderly conduct or getting out of line will result in the participant being asked to leave the parade immediately.

•    Dogs must be on a leash on the parade route.

•    Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the assembly area before, during and after the parade.  Also, Parade participants will refrain from consumption of alcoholic beverages DURING the parade.  Anyone who does not comply will be subject to arrest and will be PULLED FROM THE PARADE ON THE SPOT

•    Nothing is to be THROWN from parade entries but may be passed by walkers along the route.  This avoids the danger of children darting out in front of moving vehicles.  For safety and insurance reasons, this rule will be strictly enforced.

•    Parade entries should stay in the center of the street and follow the center line.  No passing in the parade, you must stay in your spot.   Drivers of motorized vehicles licensed for road use must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license.  Please stay with vehicle at all times.

•    All Participants (including those on horseback) agree to remain in line once the parade begins and complete the parade route.



•    Proof of current NEGATIVE Coggins required for all equine and should have copy emailed to Parade Director before allowed in on Parade Day.

•    Upon entry into staging area, please continue along path to the Horse trailer parking area which is on the left.  

•    Individual Horse and Mule riders will ride TWO abreast AT THE END OF THE PARADE LINEUP.

•    No riding backwards in the parade.

•    Animals must be of nature that noise and excitement will not frighten them.

•    Riders will be asked to dismount and leave the parade route if their horse displays unsafe behavior for either the rider or parade spectators.

•    Horses must be controlled by means of harness or halter.

•    Parade dress for horse riders is desired.


The Parade Route runs from the BIG field on the west side of Old Hillsboro Road, to Joseph Street, thru the Rec Center parking lot, left to the entrance into smaller field.  (see Route Map)

  • ENTRIES: The wackier & funnier your entry, the better!!  We appreciate creativity!!








There is only one Santa allowed in our Parade!!

Please do not dress up as Santa for a parade entry.

We contacted Santa and he said he wouldn't miss the Leiper's Fork Christmas Parade!









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